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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow...like seriously?

~Original poem~

Your a senior, your on the football team, I guess your considered cool.
But how dumb do you think I am to let you make me look like a fool.

I know how your mind thinks and I know what your up to.
But I refused to be like others girls and sext is just not what I do. 

You text me and ask "wats up" and I could ask you the same.
But when I tell you how I'm feeling, you think its just a silly game.

It's weird cause I used to like you, I wish we could go back to last year.
We used to be so close, and now I can't stand to be near.

I guess if you said you were sorry,  I guess could just let this go.
But it turns out your just a loser and that this is something you should know. 

Don't text me after practice. Don't call me when your about to sleep.
Cause I won't send you a reply. I won't even say a peep.

I can't tell you who this is about, cause this guy attends my school.
But I hope that if this happens to you, you know the guy is just a tool.


  1. Why do guys that do this to girls exist? :(
    I hate boys that don't care for their girlfriends.

    I love the poem, it's beautiful. :')