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Saturday, December 18, 2010

:) Candy Gram

To: Marty

I just remembered the candy gram you sent me. Your was sweet and true.. You told me exactly how you felt. I on the other hand just said Happy Holidays... 
But little do you know, I have a hard time telling people what I have to say by writing it.
Im better with talking...But idk..here's my redo

You're funny, you're cute, your're sweet, you're nice, you're a dork <3, you're talented, you're amazing, but most of all you're yourself. Your true to yourself and others. And thats hard to find in a guy. So Im soo happy and lucky that I have you. Never in a million bagillion years would I have ever thought of dating you. But Im soo happy we are. You make me laugh, happy, smile, and feel so great inside. I love spending time with you and being with you. I LOVE having YOU in my life. :) This is how I feel only after a month of dating you, but Im looking forward for more months to come. I miss you already

- Marlee :P  

Ps: Merry Christmas

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