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Monday, January 24, 2011

And you can see my heart beating

I can feel it... 

Something bad is about to happen.

Im about to make something completely avoidable happen. 

Drama, Pain, a mistake. 

Though I cant help it if it's the way I feel. 

My life is a ticking time bomb and patience is lighting the wick.

I tried to make things work but I just dont think I can do it anymore.

I love you dont get me wrong and I know you tried to make me happy,

but Im not.

Atleast not anymore.. 

or so I think.

Im missing something,

a piece of me.....

I need to be somewhere and do something.


Your gonna be pissed off with me
your gonna be hurt

your possibly gonna hate  me.

But im hurting too

and im upset and

I hate myself too..

Just something is gonna happen

and this is my warning. 

I just dont know what and when though.

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