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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello old friend

I havent seen this in a long time.
But cupid's commiting another crime.

He's stolen my heart again, who knows when I'll get it back.
He's taken it so many times that Ive stop keeping track.

Except his partner in crime, is of a gentler sort.
One who isnt a fake or douchebag in this sport.

He has a secret power, I think he has laser  x-ray vision.
Cause his eyes cut right through me, creating a large incision.

I dont wanna say this hurts me, in fact I cant feel a thing.
But what I can feel is his hand in mine, and something wierd is happening.

This crook has my heart, and I cant say I want it back.
Because I think I want him to have it, this is a proven fact.

His lips touched mine, and there was posion on his tongue.
I felt this exciting sensation that went spiraling through my lung.

They make a perfect team, causing mischief, hope, and dreams.
But Ive fallen for it badly, cause now nothing is what it seems. 

I think I like him, like alot more then I thought.
And now my stomach has butterflies, and my heart is in a knot.

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