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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me

~Original Poem~

We're in high school and we tend not to know much.
But why do boys get erections just from the softest touch?

Why do you smile when your away from your boyfriend and laugh so hard you can barely stand.
And when your boyfriend's around you, you dont want to hold his hand.

Why are you sore, why wont you smile?
Why are you saying he loves you, when your clearly in denial.

I heard you've dated for months and you believe that shes the one for you.
But why are you acting so cocky when you made her do something she didnt want to?

Why are you in a relationship if you just flirt with other whores?
Why do you say you are sorry if you've done this all before?

I hope you know your 18 and I know you can get real wild.
But sweetie your girlfriend is 14, she's still basically a child.

Your beautiful, smart, skinny, your hardly known to be mean.
But why are you dressing like a slut and showing things that shouldn't be seen?

Your a heartbreaker, a whore, a nicer name a flirt.
But why would you say meaningful words if they're lies and someones gonna end up hurt?

Why did you slap her because she figured out you were lying?
I hope you know she slits her wrists and is in the corner crying?

Why did you have sex because you think your in love?
Why is she now pregnant where she she used to be a graceful dove?

For those couples who have never fight, who cheated, lied, or hurt.
I hope you know your persons special and you know how much they're worth.

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