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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hell of a ride

The pain is so intense, the chills are unbearable, the withdrawal is scary.
The  feeling is strange, the emotions are changing, but it all feels good on the contrary. 

Like smoking weed it gets you high.
While your feet are on the floor your heads in the sky.

Like rolling the feeling cant be described, everything is amazing.
But the after affect is hell raising.

Like an emo girl cutting herself, you'd imagine it to hurt. But you dont understand.
The way she feels, she can only show by moving her hands.

Like sex, the hesitation, the pleasure, the feelings, the heat.
The movement of a bodies moving to one beat.

Like smiling everytime you see your lovers face.
Like listening to them breathe and you notice your at the same pace.

Whut the fuck am I talking about?

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