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Monday, November 1, 2010

So theres these guys

~This is an original poem~

While I still have your sweater, you still have my heart.
When you give me a hug, just know I never want us apart.

When you text me and call , I stand far back and try to read your signs
You ask me what im thinking,  your always on my mind.

I want to tell you I love you cause this is how I feel
I know you have a hard time believing, but let me tell you this is real.

I see you from afar but I want you to be close
I want to tell you I need you cause your the one I want the most

 We just started to talk, and got to know each other more.
But when we talk in person, my heart just hits the floor.

But I'll sit back and take it slow, I dont want us to rush.
I just hope that after you read this, you know that I'm your crush.

~This is my first blog post...I hope it was ok
But this is the begining of my story, for now its all I have to say~