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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My dad died when I was 3 years old.
This is the story that I was told.

He died in a car crash because of a drunk driver.
My dad didnt make, but the drunk driver was the survivor.

Why must the good die young? Why didn't I get the chance to meet him?
I want these answers to my questions, but instead my patience wears thin.

I want to remember the time he told me he loved me, I just want him to know.
I love him and I miss him, but how do I let this show.

I feel like crying when fathers day comes to town.
And I get pissed off when people say they hate their dad, when mines not even around.

Atleast you remember your dad,
be the memory good or bad.

Atleast youve seen his face.
I have no one real to fill his place.

I want to hold his hand, I want to look in his eyes.
"Dad I love you and miss you " as she falls to her knees and cries

If your dad left you when you were young, then this poem isnt meant for you
But if you were put in my situation. tell me what you would do.

There is so much more Id like to say, But I'll save it for a later day.

For the anniversary of my dad's death draws near, but until then I'll shed one tear.


  1. my mom died when I was 1 1/2.. i kinda dont wanna say why.. but the best thing to do is to give the father's day card, or in my case the mother's day card, that they make you make, to your grandparents. or what i do is I go to the cemetery and say a prayer and leave some flowers, pain will heal in time.

  2. what happened to your mom? do you still have her?

  3. Great poem Marlee.
    Your daddy was awesome and I was so fortunate to know him. He was so proud of his family and he was so deeply in love with you :)

    Things always happen for a reason (I firmly believe this). One day you will understand and see that. Love you little cousin <3

  4. @anonymous my mom abandoned me and my sister
    i have no clue where she is

    @alicia your lucky

  5. im truly sorry about your father, in fact you made me realize not to take my dad for granted i dont appreciate him as much as i should but u made me realize that i how lucky i am to have him

  6. u made me realize that i shouldn't hold anything angainst my dad cause i dn't know when i won't ever see his face again

  7. Death is a tricky thing, it sneaks up on the most unlikely of people, I've lost many people in my lifetime.. including my brother.. he was murdered this summer at a grad party, he was 16 stabbed down three days before his 17th birthday. Marlee all you need to do it keep your head up, and remember your father loves you.. and he wouldnt want to see you sad.. <3