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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Im sorry I cant be perfect

You will never be proud of me, I can guarantee you that for a fact. 
For you don't like they way I dress and you don't like the way I act.

I cant be your perfect child, for Im not as smart as you want me to be.
But I like the way I am, and thats something you'll never see. 

I may not be smart and I may not be wise, 
But Im gonna live my life the way I want to and keep it free from all your lies.

Im tired of trying to be someone Im not for you.
But being my parents I know you wont see me through.

You can say Im disappointed in you
just know I feel the same way too.

Its hard growing up in this day and age, most of us are misunderstood.
But if we are as bad as you think we are, we will never do as we should.

You will never hang my work up on the fridge nor tell your friends about the good that i've done.
Yet I can live my life just fine, knowing that Im not your number one.

Sorry I cant be the child you've always wanted, you cant always get what you want.
But my  independence is nothing to you, and something you will never vaunt.

1 comment:

  1. i like ur blog,its really cool.i see u put your heart and life into ur poems.i like this poem.now that i see im not the only one who knows what its like to be misunderstood,alone,different... the pain slowly rises. i dont feel so bad...slightly happy.....