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Sunday, November 7, 2010

EMOtional girl

She seems to be awake in the darkest part of night.
You hear her crying and dare to ask if she is alright.

You turn the light on and look at her face
her make up is running and shes stuck in a sad place

Slits on  her wrists, scars on her neck, bruises on her ribs.
She cries louder then a baby awake in their crib.
You can hear her pain and feel her skin.
She is tired of living in the world, her patience wears thin.

What could cause a girl to feel so much pain? Was it something someone said?
Shes tired of living. She wants to be dead.
Sick of trying, tired of crying. 
Yeah she's smiling but inside she's dying.

Dark clothing, dark music, dark emotions.
Up and down emotions that flow like the ocean. 

You want to hold her and tell her your there.
But she's heard it all before and she no longer cares.

Your scared of what will happen next, she's an amazing person inside
She's dying in a deep dark hell, where she only wants to be alive.

Until then she bleeds
Tired of what she sees
Take away the pain she pleads
as she falls onto her knees.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. Just AMAZINGLY beautiful.
    I hope no-one has to feel the way this girl does.