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Monday, March 21, 2011

Oops I did it again :/

I dont know why God decided to give me, me of all people a heart.
I dont use it for good, only for pain and problems and to tear people's emotions apart. 

Im trying to make things work and not let my emotional problems and feeling get in the way.
Im not saying im trying to get rid of you but I dont think you should stay.

Get out while you can! Tell everyone about the dangers of me.
For im a terrible person and a fake can't you see?!

I want so much and give so little.
But Im stuck between how I feel for you and how I feel for myself, Im somewhere in the middle. 

I love you dont get me wrong, and your are so amazing and so sweet. 
But our timing became terrible and paths shouldn't meet. 

I want to be your friend, no YOUR BEST FRIEND.
But us a couple I think needs to come to an end.

Ive thought long and hard about this and tried to keep my emotions locked shut.
But by doing this Ive left many empty beer bottles on floor and my wrists have been cut. 

Im saying im sorry now, Im just in no shape or form able to be in a commited long term relationship.
But our journey was so much fun together. And you were my favorite trip <3 

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